Trivia Crack (Ad-free) v2.97.1 [MOD] APK


Trivia Crack (Ad-free) APK

Step up your quiz game answering fun general trivia questions!
Love games with friends? Challenge friends and family to fun trivia questions! Prove you are the smartest not only by answering trivial questions, but by suggesting multiple-choice questions in this quiz app.

Show the world how clever you are while you learn new fun and interesting facts with the world’s best trivia app. Be the star of the best game for quizzes!

Test your knowledge in six different categories led by exciting characters. Spin Willy the Wheel and let fate decide where to start your quiz question games.

  • Can’t get enough trivia for road trips? Tito will share his world-class Geography knowledge for all your road trip trivia needs. Can you guess which country has a city called Batman?
  • Albert is the go to guy when it comes to Science. If you love good trivia questions, he can quiz you on math, chemistry, physics and even technology!
  • Hector will defend your honour through the ages. Make your mark in History by overthrowing your opponents in a duel.
  • Are you MVP trivia sports material? Bonzo can keep you in shape for the upcoming seasons with Sports trivia!
  • Can you tell the difference between a Van Gogh and a Monet? Let Tina test your knowledge of Art.
  • Spoiler alert! Pop will keep you up to date with fun trivia questions on anything Entertainment related. Prove your knowledge of the latest pop trivia across TV shows, videogames, movies and music.

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Trivia Crack (Ad-free) v2.97.1 APK (37 MB):
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Trivia Crack
Trivia Crack
Developer: Etermax
Price: Free+
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  • Trivia Crack Screenshot
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